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Reflections from an InvestmentNews Woman to Watch

I was grateful and amazed when I learned that I was being honored as one of the InvestmentNews Women to Watch. I was named as one of 20 financial advisers and executives selected by a rigorous process designed to identify women who are distinguished leaders, who share their knowledge and experience with others, and who are

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The Tough Talk Worth Having With Your Parents

Do you find yourself in the Sandwich Generation, squeezed by dependent children on one side and caring for your parents, financially and otherwise, on the other? Now, at the middle of the calendar year, is a good time to have some difficult conversations with your parents. One reason why a midyear conversation is ideal comes

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Why My Grandparents’ Home Got Torn Down

My family loves get-togethers—we find any reason to gather and eat. We credit this wonderful trait to my grandparents. They were gracious hosts with amazing culinary skills. Their home, built with my grandfather’s hands, was a sanctuary for family, friends, and welcome strangers. My grandparents didn’t just leave legacy of memorable gatherings; they also left

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Avoiding Family Financial Sabotage

Did you ever lend or give money to a family member? If so, you’re like many who have responded financially to at least one request. Giving to others can be rewarding, but becoming the family bank or money tree can be stressful, particularly when the amount or frequency of the requests is high. Stress comes

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April is Financial Literacy Month!

April is Financial Literacy Month. As we close out the month, here are a few questions to test your knowledge and awareness of personal finance. When you are answering these questions, feel free to use Google, to go on a scavenger hunt at home, or to ask questions during a scheduled call with Lazetta. Good

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Did Prince have the will to have a Will?

Prince is a legend. He touched many people with his avant-garde music, fashion, and business acumen. We’re now learning, through stories that remained untold during Prince’s lifetime, of the humanitarian investments that he made in the lives of others. Why did such a driven, compassionate person not have a will? I wrote a piece entitled “How

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